The end of another fabulous show!

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Everything must come to an end, and unfortunately Saturday marked the end of our rendition of Sister Act. We had a very successful show week with almost sell out audiences for every performance.

A massive amount of work goes into bringing our shows to the stage, and not just from our cast members in the spotlight. Here’s a behind the scenes look at what went in to bringing Sister Act to life!

6 months before the show

Rehearsals have started and auditions have just taken place. The production team are busy setting dance numbers, going through dialogue and teaching singing. We are always on the lookout for people who would be interested in being part of a production team for our upcoming shows. If you are interested, please contact us.

The production team and committee have also been busy starting to organise set, costumes, scenery and the like. Our stage manager and other volunteers start discussions with the production team and building the set.


4 months before the show

Work has begun on putting the programme for the show together, an enormous task that takes up an immense amount of time. Each cast member has a headshot, and all the text and information is gathered for inclusion. These are all proof read and artwork is created. They then have to be sent to print and delivered to the theatre.


3 months before the show

A summer fair was held to raise funds to help pay for costumes and other essential items for the show. We raised almost £300 in total.


Measurements are also being taken by our lovely wardrobe ladies and costumes which are not being hired are sorted from our wardrobe.

Our friends at Scenery Projections are also busy developing our amazing set for us.

2 months before the show

Front of house volunteers raffle prizes are being organised in time for show week. We also have to find volunteers to help back stage as stage hands, on the props table, as dressers for quick changes, call person- the list goes on!


Band call

The week before the show the orchestra arrive and band call takes place. This means the cast get to sing for the first time with the orchestra playing. Our musical director can inform the orchestra of any changes to the music and give them an idea of what will happen during show week.


Costumes arrive

Our lovely costumes have all arrived, but the work doesn’t stop there, our fantastic wardrobe ladies have to now work tirelessly to make sure everything fits everyone and any last minute adjustments are made.


Get in

We finally have the keys to the theatre! This means we can start building larger parts of the set and making sure everything is in place for opening night. We need as much help from our members as we can get! Our lighting and sound crew are also busy setting everything up.

Dress rehearsal

The last run before opening night is here! We also source one of our members or friends of the society to take photos of the show so we can display them on our board during show week.


Friday night of show week

Friday night is pizza and awards night! All members are welcome as we celebrate a great week with pizza and awards- this year it was the Golden Rosary Awards. It’s a great chance to catch up with cast members and other people involved in the show.


End of the show!

Everyone chips in following the end of the show to make sure everything is cleaned away. We have to clean all the dressing rooms, make sure all the costumes go back to the right place, move our set out of the theatre and get the whole theatre back to how it was when we started as another group will be performing there the following week.

After show party

Following this last bit of team work, everyone heads back for a well-deserved after show party before the whole thing starts again!


Sound like something you want to be involved in? If you’re interested in becoming a member, you can fill out a form here.

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